Friday, March 25, 2011

My name is Howie D - and this is how we do

I set myself a goal back in high school that I would once be in the physical presence of the Backstreet Boys.

Like a radius. Like a 500 metre radius.
That means I would be within 500 metres of the Backstreet Boys.

Now I can't explain this goal without explaining that I could have had ace seats to one of their best concerts.

Could have, but didn't.

See those two tweedle dumplings over there, on the right? ------>
That's Joanne and Roselyn.

INT. HIGH SCHOOL (true story)
Roselyn was like 'Joanne, my cousin has a crush on you. Want to come to the Backstreet Boys concert with us?'

In my head, Joanne shook her head.

JOANNE: "Oh no, we musn't go! Guilt is trickling so fast through me now, I think I've just wet myself. I would rather give up this opportunity for your cousin to stare at my sexy back hair and let my great friend, Catherine, live her dream by seeing the Backstreet Boys live from those great seats you have!"

ROSELYN: "How about no"

JOANNE: "Okay"

So AFTER they went to this concert - both returned to school and told EVERYBODY about it; with the stipulation that their betrayal never got back to me.

Long story short, I found out nine weeks later

SO, my dear friend, Ashton lives in Hanoi, Vietnam now.


They're playing My Dinh National Stadium to 55,000 invisible people on the 26th of March.

Anyway, to participate in this epic 

An article that praises this concert as a tourism opportunity states:

"Minister Hoang Tuan Anh emphasized that the number of fans will be huge so security, traffic and habits and customs must be guaranteed."

There'll probably be a buttload of security, but we want to meet them.

It's such a selfish thing to assume that mere strangers that project themselves to the public are simply yours for the taking.

But Oprah gave some 16 year old her Backstreet Boys wet dream even though she would have been a toddler during their crushing seizing of the pre & teen girl market - so forgive me for thinking my aspirations deserve some belated grasp too.

Ashton awesomely says we will meet them.

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