Monday, October 25, 2010

So I was hungry

But there was nothing to eat

I tried to peel an orange. But it was too hard.

Pickle jar didn't open either. 

I had ice blocks.

And fresh breath.

And then I looked out the window, and was like, 'someone put sprinklers in the front yard!'

Isn't that nice??

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have arrived.

The 6 hour plane ride and 12 hour bus trip brought me right back to the desert heat and red dirt between my toes. And dragging dining chairs to the kitchen bench so Mele and I can share a smorgasboard of food whilst balancing the world between us.
I really did miss that.

So, I haven't left the house. Meet my company.

 Toy Story 3 Personalised Cards - FREE
I sat next to this brilliant lady on the plane. 
53, with a short, frosted haircut, and wearing so-clash-it's-good prints - and weighed down in a crapload of sparkle that could've paid my family's mortgage.
She loved *bling*, she was a general manager for a merchandising company, and she'd grown up on a farm a few hours away from where I'm staying now. 
We got on SWELL - and she gave me her card, and sadly, mine were packed in my suitcase so we couldn't do an equal exchange. 
I'll mail it.

Meet my clock!
She is the one named Sailor Moon.
Gordon opshop - 50c
I took the batteries out right after taking these pictures. Not interested in the purpose.

Veronica Mars DVD Boxset (borrowed)
I started watching these only months before the show got canned off some borrowed external harddrive.
Was not interested in this show at all - and remember avoiding it by sharing a lounge chair with my buddas :) watching every episode of House instead. 
But AFTERWARDS - I locked myself for days in my room just to watch Veronica Mars. 

Mrs May's Pumpkin Crunch 
Woolworths - $4.65 
Got introduced to this stuff in Darwin with Chris. 
We're pretty sure we'll just eat these at the movies instead of Burger Rings & Goodygoodygumdrops.

Instant Pho (Viet soup) 
Chinese grocer - 69c
Worth it?
I prefer the real thing. But I like rice noodles.

My Vicks stick
Woolworths - $6
At least I can breathe now.

Cos I'm jivin, YO.

Green Masala tea
Almond Butter
Strawberry Nesquik
There's nothing *purplesneakers* or *lytpinkpolkadot* hipster kitschy about my life or the things I eat or drink.
It's just friggen yummy!

This is the way to butter a person's heart. 

This is a portrait of ME from the eyes of a 16 year old girl.

... brb, getting a makeover.